TBA is established as a non-profit, non-company-based organization which aims to bring more transparency to the Bunker business in Turkey. Its goals are including but not limited to bringing all the background knowledge of the selected people of the market, representing the Turkish Bunker Industry both at the local and at the international level as a single body, increasing the public awareness of the bunker industry among the Turkish maritime sector's main players and forming a combined voice to support the local market and to increase the efficiency of services. 

Founded on June 1, 2001 TBA has achieved a great success after its foundation, including a major contribution to "Istanbul Bunker Conference" on 7-9 May, 2002,  "2nd Istanbul Bunker Conference" on 13-16 May 2004. "3rd Istanbul Bunker Conference" on 30 May-01 June 2006., "4th Istanbul Bunker Conference" on 27 -30th May 2009. "5th Istanbul Bunker Conference" on 1st-3rd June 2011. "6th Istanbul Bunker Conference" on 05-07 June 2013.

The Conference pictures can be downloaded here.

Turkish Bunker Association elected on 22th January 2014 the New Board of Directors for the period of 2014. New Board of Directors is shaped as follows:

President : Ali Deniz ERAYDIN of CYE Petrol
Vice President : Yesim MUHTAROGLU of Energy Petrol
Secretary General : Bekir YILDIZ of AB Petrol
Treasurer : İbrahim Cem OZORAL
Member : Mustafa YILMAZ of DTO Petrol

We have been informed by the physical suppliers operating in Turkey that, bunker barge operators renewed delivery costs for 2013, Effective as of 01/01/2013 Barging fees for Istanbul deliveries are revised as follows:

MGO only= USD 1000.00 / delivery lpsm FO only= USD 1500.00 / delivery lpsm MGO+FO= USD 2000.00 / delivery lpsm

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